Carrie Judd Montgomery Project

Carrie Judd Montgomery

Carrie Judd Montgomery (1858-1946) was one of the most influential people in the Divine Healing Movement who also greatly influenced early Pentecostalism. She taught divine healing before it was popular and initiated the 1st healing home on the West Coast, coming 20 years before John G. Lake's healing rooms. She was used as a catalyst to spread healing and revival fires around the world and passionately pursued the fullness of the Spirit throughout her life. See Jen's book Life on Wings: The Forgotten Life and Theology of Carrie Judd Montgomery.

Vision of the Carrie Judd Montgomery Project

The Carrie Judd Montgomery Project exists to recover Carrie Judd Montgomery's forgotten voice and others in hopes of inspiring a new generation to hunger for the fullness of the Spirit, fulfill their God given destinies, and to finish well.

We also seek to capture current revivals (Heidi Baker and others) to pass on to future generations through print, video, photo, and other means. In addition to Destiny House being modeled after Carrie's healing home, The Home of Peace, we also host Healing and Revival retreats there.